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Salt Reduction: Translation of Consumer Expectations into Wishful Taste Product Attribute

Jasmina Ranilović 1, Davorka Gajari 1, Helena Tomić-Obrdalj 1, Tanja Cvetković 1, and Irena Colić Barić 2
1. Podravka Inc., Research and Development, Koprivnica, Croatia
2. Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology, University of Zagreb, Croatia
Abstract—Food industry has responsibility to improve their products in terms of salt content as consumers hold them responsible for their excess consummation. Data suggests that personal preferences in salt liking would influence the acceptance of salt reduced food product. Replacing table salt with a new and innovative salt substitute pose a great challenge for salt reduced food product, from technological and sensory point of view. In this paper specific circumstances were described that influenced a decision for invention of new table salt substitute as a solution for reducing salt content and for the first time, the sensory results of 25% reduced salt soup made with the innovative ingredient. For the two thirds of the participants (n=101), reduced salt soup was adequate in saltiness and good overall palatability, without off-flavour. These promising results give a solid baseline for further application of a new salt substitute in a various food products range without compromising the taste.
Index Terms—salt reduction, innovative salt substitute, food product, consumers, sensory evaluation

Cite: Jasmina Ranilović, Davorka Gajari, Helena Tomić-Obrdalj, Tanja Cvetković, and Irena Colić Barić, "Salt Reduction: Translation of Consumer Expectations into Wishful Taste Product Attribute," International Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 43-49 March 2019. doi: 10.18178/ijfe.5.1.43-49
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