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Millet-Wheat Mixed Breads: Impact of Sour Dough Addition on the Enhancement of the Physical Profile of Heat-Moisture Treated Matrices

Concha Collar and Enrique Armero
IATA-CSIC/Food Science Department, Paterna, Spain
Abstract—Impact of commercial dried sour doughs (SD) addition to blended wheat: millet (WT:MI, 60:40, wt:wt) flour matrices previously submitted to heat moisture treatment (HMT) of MI, has been investigated on the doughmaking and breadmaking performances of diluted systems. Soured HMT dough and bread mixed matrices when compared to unsoured HMT counterparts explicited a variable physico-chemical profile, associated to the type and dosage of SD added. Improving effects of SD addition were particularly evident for SDs mixed with wheat/rye milling products in their commercial preparation, giving total titratable acidity (TTA) values (mL NaOH 0.1N/5 g fresh sample) <2.86 in doughs, and providing breads with TTA levels <3.10. Those SDs provided enhancement of dough machinability, delayed gelatinization temperatures and lower transition enthalpies, bigger developed bread volume, improved textural behaviour and finer and homogeneous crumb grain in started HMT blended matrices. 
Index Terms—flour, heat moisture treatment, sour dough, breadmaking, physical quality

Cite: Concha Collar and Enrique Armero, "Millet-Wheat Mixed Breads: Impact of Sour Dough Addition on the Enhancement of the Physical Profile of Heat-Moisture Treated Matrices," International Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 36-42, March 2019. doi: 10.18178/ijfe.5.1.36-42
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