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Storage Life of ‘Fuji’ Apple Stored in the Controlled Atmosphere Container

Seokho Park, Cheonwan Park, Jongwoo Park, Dongsoo Choi, Jinse Kim, and Yonghun Kim
Department of Agricultural Engineering, National Institute of Agricultural Sciences, RDA, Korea
Abstract—This study was carried out to indirectly predict the storage life, hardness, and acidity through respiration rate of Fuji apples in Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage. A sensor installed inside the CA storage measured temperature, relative humidity, and gas composition data in real time. The respiration rate from five tons of apples in CA storage was calculated to predict the weight loss rate. As a result, the predicted and actual weight loss rate induced a predictable residual storage time equation that showed a very high correlation. The apple storage period showed a high reliability (R2=0.9322) because the predicted equation using respiration rate and number of days stored was about nine months for five tons of apples. The hardness and acidity prediction equations were derive from the quality analysis. However, correlation coefficient of hardness and acidity was low as 0.3506 and 0.3144, respectively. It was caused by insufficient quantity of analytical samples, but the decrease tendency of acidity and hardness was confirmed from the equation. As a result, these quality prediction equations could encourage CA container distribution, effective for agricultural shipment regulation and increasing ease of operations.
Index Terms—controlled atmosphere storage, storage life, respiration rate, apple storage

Cite: Seokho Park, Cheonwan Park, Jongwoo Park, Dongsoo Choi, Jinse Kim, and Yonghun Kim, "Storage Life of ‘Fuji’ Apple Stored in the Controlled Atmosphere Container," International Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 153-156, June 2018. doi: 10.18178/ijfe.4.2.153-156

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