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Utilization of Genetic Variability in Mungbean as Food Industrial Raw Material in Indonesia

Ratri Tri Hapsari, Trustinah, and Rudi Iswanto
Indonesian Legumes and Tuber Crops Research Institute, Malang, Indonesia
Abstract—Mungbean is an important legume crops in Indonesia. Most of mungbean production in Indonesia is used for food. Variation seed size of mungbean association with its utilization for food industrial raw material. The aim of this research is to identify mungbean accession based on agronomic characters to meet food industrial raw material. A total of 275 accessions mungbean was grown in ILETRI research station in Malang, Indonesia. The results showed that 16 accessions classified into large seed size (> 6.5 g/100 seed), and 197 accessions classified as small seed size. Five best mungbean accessions showing the largest seed size were MLGV 1019 (7.95 g/100 seed), MLGV 1005 (7.85 g/100 seed), MLGV 0483 (7.83 g/100 seed), MLGV 1018 (7.74 g/100 seed) and MLGV 0508 (7.4 g/100 seed) suitable for food and beverage industry. The five smallest accessions were MLGV P-29 (2.14 g/100 seed), MLGV 0822 (2.24 g/100 seed), MLGV 0592 (2.28 g/100 seed), MLGV 0847 (2.46 g/100 seed), MLGV 0739 (2.61 g/100 seed). Those accessions are suitable for sprout industry.
Index Terms—Vigna radiata, seed size, germplasm

Cite: Ratri Tri Hapsari, Trustinah, and Rudi Iswanto, "Utilization of Genetic Variability in Mungbean as Food Industrial Raw Material in Indonesia," International Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 136-139, December 2017. doi: 10.18178/ijfe.3.2.136-139
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