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Effect of Various Process Conditions on Efficiency and Colour Properties of <i>Pistacia terebinthus </i>oil Encapsulated by Spray Drying

Ender Sinan Poyrazoglu 1, Eylem Temel Ozat 2, Gulay Coksari 3, Esef Ozat 1, and Nevzat Konar 1
1. Siirt University Department of Food Engineering
2. Siirt University Department of Food Engineering, Siirt, Turkey
3. Ankara University Department of Food Engineering, Ankara, Turkey
Abstract—In the present study, determination of colour properties of encapsulated material and encapsulation effecieny of Pistacia terebinthus spp. terebenthus oil were aimed by using spraying drying. Drying operations were carried out in the spray dryer at different temperatures (170-180-190°C) and different wall materials (gum arabic, inulin, maltodextrin (DE18) and the yields of the resulting encapsulated menengic oils were calculated. Literature studies and preliminary tests have shown that 14% wall material is encapsulated with 14% oil. By wall the Pistacia terebinthus oil with different wall materials at different temperatures, the best encapsulation efficiency was obtained and the highest L* value was determined inulin at 170°C. The lowest encapsulation yields at different temperatures were found in maltodextrin wall material. As temperature increases, a* values in all wall materials increase in gum arabic, but decrease in inulin and maltodextrin.
Index Terms—pistacia terebinthus, spray dryer, encapsulation, maltodextrin, inulin, gum arabic

Cite: Ender Sinan Poyrazoglu, Eylem Temel Ozat, Gulay Coksari, Esef Ozat, and Nevzat Konar, "Effect of Various Process Conditions on Efficiency and Colour Properties of Pistacia terebinthus oil Encapsulated by Spray Drying," International Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. 3, No. 2, pp. 132-135, December 2017. doi: 10.18178/ijfe.3.2.132-135
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