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Influence of Hydroxy Phosphorylated of Wheat Starch on Chinese Fresh White Noodles

Huili Yan, Qiyu Lu, and Cuicui Li
Henan University of Technology, Zhengzhou, China
Abstract—The effect of hydroxyl phosphorylated of wheat starch on Chinese fresh white noodles was studied by recombining phosphorylated wheat starch with other flour components to prepare noodles. Though the morphology and crystalline pattern of phosphorylated wheat starches did not change significantly, the substitution of hydroxyls would weaken the binding between starch and water molecular and lead to a shift of water molecules from immobilized to less immobilized fraction in fresh noodles. The average particle size of phosphorylated starches increased with the degree of substitution increase, and the gluten network of the reconstituted flour noodles was similar to that of the original flour noodles when the size of phosphorylated starch was close to that of native starch. There was a significant correlation between starch swelling power, pasting properties and noodle texture. When hydroxyl groups were replaced by phosphate groups, the swelling power and RVA parameters of starch decreased, which further led to the reduction of noodle hardness, springiness, resilience, cohesiveness, and chewiness. The results indicated that hydroxyl phosphorylated of wheat starch had an important effect on water distribution and texture characteristics of fresh noodles.
Index Terms—hydroxyl groups, phosphorylated wheat starch, moisture distribution, noodle texture

Cite: Huili Yan, Qiyu Lu, and Cuicui Li, "Influence of Hydroxy Phosphorylated of Wheat Starch on Chinese Fresh White Noodles," International Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. 5, No. 4, pp. 226-233, December 2019. doi: 10.18178/ijfe.5.4.226-233
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