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Effect of Dynamic High-Pressure Microfluidization Processing on the Nutritional Components and Antioxidant Activity of Chinese Jujube Juice

Wei Zong, Shunhong Wu, and Xiaoyuan Wang
Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, School of Food and Bioengineering, 450002, Zhengzhou, China
Abstract—In this study, the effect of Dynamic High-Pressure Microfluidization (DHPM) on the nutritional components and antioxidant activity of Chinese jujube juice. The effect of DHPM pressure and pass number were also assessed. Juice was passed through DHPM at 40-200 MPa for one or three passes. Total phenolic, Vitamin C, soluble protein, polysaccharide, titratable acide content and antioxidant activity of the samples were evaluated through DHPM treatment. Results indicated that DHPM treatment exerted insignificant effect on all nutritional parameters of juice expect for polysaccharide and titratable acide, which demonstrated adverse change. In comparison of raw and DHPM treatment, these two showed no significant difference on total phenolic content and vitamin C content overall. Regarding to soluble protein, it was increased with pressure and pass number of DHPM, and remarkable enhancement was observed in DHPM. In case of polysaccharide, results of DHPM at 40-200 MPa were noticeably lower than control, except 80 MPa for three passes. Besides, DHPM showed remarkable reduction in titratable acid as compared to control. In addition, the·OH radical scavenging capacity could be maintained by DHPM, and the ABTS+ assay was enhanced obviously at 40-120 MPa. While, according to the DPPH assay, the juice antioxidant capacity has not noticeably altered by DHPM processing. In conclusion, DHPM treatment was beneficial to preserve the quality of Chinese jujube juice, suggesting DHPM technology is a potential alternative to conventional for application in Chinese jujube juice. 
Index Terms—Chinese jujube juice, dynamic high-pressure microfluidization, nutritional components, antioxidant activity

Cite: Wei Zong, Shunhong Wu, and Xiaoyuan Wang, "Effect of Dynamic High-Pressure Microfluidization Processing on the Nutritional Components and Antioxidant Activity of Chinese Jujube Juice," International Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. 4, No. 2, pp. 132-135, June 2018. doi: 10.18178/ijfe.4.2.132-135
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