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Greek-Style Yogurt and Its Application in Cheesecake

Chanokphat Phadungath
Food Science and Technology Program, Faculty of Science and Technology, Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University, Chombueng, Ratchaburi, Thailand
Abstract—The objective of this study was to use Greek-style yogurt as a cream cheese replacement in cheesecake products. Four treatments of Greek-style yogurts with two dried ingredients (skim milk powder: SMP, and sweet whey powder: SWP) and two levels of total solids in milk mixture (TSM: 15 and 25%) were manufactured in triplicate. The mean pH of SWP milk mixtures was lower than SMP milk mixtures. SMP and SWP yogurts had similar pH to CCC, but had higher moisture and lower fat content. Both yogurts at 25% TSM had higher protein content compared to CCC. SWP yogurt at 25% TSM had higher total sugar content as compared to other treatments and CCC. 9-Point hedonic scale was used to monitor sensory evaluation of no-bake cheesecake made with yogurts in comparison to CCC. SMP and SWP cheesecakes had lower smoothness, creaminess, and saltiness scores, while sourness scores were higher as compared to CCC cheesecake. Sweetness scores of SMP and SWP cheesecake at 25% TSM were higher than CCC cheesecake. Although overall acceptance of SMP and SWP cheesecakes were lower than CCC cheesecakes, the scores could still be interpreted as ‘like slightly’ to ‘like moderately’. The results indicate that Greek-style SMP and SWP yogurt could be used instead of cream cheese to make lower-fat cheesecake with acceptable sensory scores. 
Index Terms—greek-style yogurt, cheesecake, low fat

Cite: Chanokphat Phadungath, "Greek-Style Yogurt and Its Application in Cheesecake," International Journal of Food Engineering, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 13-17, June 2015. doi: 10.18178/ijfe.1.1.13-17
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